Tom’s EA Forex Robot Review


toms-eaTom’s EA is an exciting new forex robot that actually works and has proven results! I have been following Dustin Pass, who is a big promoter of Tom’s EA, for the past seven years. Dustin has come out with several great products over the past few years. I personally used his news trading software a few years back and made over $150,000 with it.I decided to write a personal review of Tom’s EA because I’m sick of all the forex robot scams that are out there. This is one of the few products that I would recommend. Tom’s EA has returned almost a 400% return on a live account in 21 months.



How Does Tom’s EA Work?

Tom’s EA is an expert advisor build for the MT4 Platform. The EA was created by Tom Flora who has been a hedge fund manager and CEO of a Forex Brokerage. This EA is a long-term, slow-growth grid/martingale strategy that trades multiple currency pairs at a low risk level, aiming for long-term account survival and profits.


Dustin has agreed to give the FFD Community a free trial of Tom’s EA. This is truly unheard of in the forex robot world. Why a free trial? It’s simple, they are confident in the product.

I highly suggest you take advantage of the free trial if your skeptical. Run Tom’s EA on a demo account for a few weeks and track the progress, if you’re not happy, don’t purchase it.


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